Robin Holabird's Film Review

Friday: 5:34am and 7:34am

Robin Holabird reviews the latest films showing in the Biggest Little City. Catch this commentary Fridays during Morning Edition at 5:34am and 7:34am.

Ben Hur

Aug 25, 2016

Robin takes a look at the remake of Ben Hur.

Robin reviews the latest film starring Meryl Streep.

"Suicide Squad"

Aug 11, 2016

A look at the the latest film based on a D. C. Comic.

"Cafe Society"

Aug 5, 2016

Robin looks at the latest film directed by Woody Allen.

"The Infiltrator"

Jul 28, 2016

A look at the new film starring Bryan Cranston.

"Independence Day"

Jul 21, 2016

Robin looks at the sequel to "Independence Day."

"Sing Street"

Jul 15, 2016

Robin reviews "Sing Street" written and  directed by John Carney.


Jul 8, 2016

Robin reviews the new Tarzan film.


Jul 8, 2016

A look at "Shallows" starring Blake Lively.

Me Before You

Jun 23, 2016

Robin looks at "Me Before You" starring Sam Glafin.