Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich

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Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursdays during Morning Edition at 5:34am and 7:34.

Dr. Jankovich has been working as a psychologist since 1974. She works with a range of problems including relationships, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, grief, trauma, and struggles with life transitions. Rebecca practices what she preaches to not burn out by leaving the office to ride equine races with her horses, and travel the world.


Jan 12, 2017

What to do when your partner can't control his anger.

It your partner dumping her frustrations on you the minute she gets home?


Jan 11, 2017

It's a good time to reflect on how we want to improve this year.

Why do partners continue to lie after an affair is discovered?

Gift Giving

Dec 16, 2016

Ways to ease the stress of gift giving.


Dec 9, 2016

Amidst all the grief of a suicide, there's also the dilemma of what to tell people about the cause of death.

What to do when mom wants more time than you want to give.

Some holiday thoughts from Dr. Rebecca Jankovich.

Couples with a new baby can stress over how to handle the grandparents wanting time with the newborn.

Why can some kids experiment with drugs without becoming addicted?