2nd Basque Fry To Feature Conservative Luminaries, Lamb Testicles

Aug 16, 2016

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton are two of the guests attending this year's Basque fry.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt is hosting his second annual Basque fry this weekend, an event gaining popularity among conservatives with big political aspirations.

Laxalt got the idea from his grandfather, former U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt, who held a similar event in Washington, D.C., back in the '80s.

"He was fortunate to have Ronald Regan come to all but one, during the years he was serving as president,” says Laxalt. “It had a Western [theme] to it, but it was just a great D.C. event to bring Nevada culture to that part of the country."

Laxalt's own inaugural fry was held last August at a ranch in Gardnerville, drawing more than 1,500 people and several Republican presidential candidates, including Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Gov. Scott Walker.

"Last year we thought it was a good opportunity with a presidential race going on to, as a swing state, to attract national speakers to give everyday voters a chance to meet a lot of these national figures," he says. 

Laxalt says the menu isn't too different from a regular barbecue, with the exception of some Basque specialties.

"It's basically a Basque barbecue ... with chorizo and one of the main delicacies is lamb fry, which is, as you may know, lamb balls, that can be served fried or stewed," says Laxalt. 

Among this year's attendees are several rising stars of the conservative movement, including Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, former Ambassador John Bolton and Rep. Joe Heck, who's running for Nevada's open senate seat against Catherine Cortez Masto.

As for his own political aspirations? Laxalt was more reluctant.

"I'm focused on my job," says Laxalt, laughing. "I've been the Attorney General now for two years, and hopefully the voters can see how hard we've been working."