Dr. Rebecca Jankovich

Commentator, Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich

Dr. Jankovich has been working as a psychologist since 1974. She works with a range of problems including relationships, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, grief, trauma and struggles with life transitions. Rebecca practices what she preaches and - so as not to burn out - leaves the office to race her horses and to travel the world.

Here's how to handle it when your kid has a complaint about your partner.

How to help your kids get along with their roommates.

How to live with a partner who has opposing political beliefs.  

Self Cutting

Nov 1, 2017

Many young girls use self-harm to soothe themselves when upset.

Group Emails

Nov 1, 2017

It's so easy to type out your anger and disappointment and hit that send button.  Don't do it!

The same principles that cause good leaders to make bad choices, can apply to couples holding on to their negative pictures of one another.

You're never too old to acquire better coping skills and resilience.  Here's how.  

Resilience #2

Sep 21, 2017

Everyone faces adversity.  Being able to come back from hard times is crucial to having a good life.


Sep 21, 2017

You can learn resilience at any age.

Marriages don't just work because you love each other.  You must nurture them.