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NPR Next Generation Radio

Six students from the Reynolds School of Journalism took part in a week-long NPR-sponsored multimedia training during the summer of 2016 to produce stories around the theme of "odd jobs" in Reno.

Check out their stories, which also include audio, video and photos.

Squeezed Out: Reno-Tahoe's Affordable Housing Shortage

The Reno-Tahoe area is facing a severe shortage of affordable housing, impacting everyone from families to employers to even the police force.

KUNR explores the housing crunch from the perspective of tenants, landlords, homeowners, businesses, realtors and economic experts, looking at the challenges and possible solutions.

Climate Change Mini-Series

Leaders from around the world met for the climate talks in Paris to discuss ways to combat climate change, but real efforts are being made locally, too.

Check out KUNR's climate change mini-series to see what local communities are doing.

Bursting At The Seams

Most schools across Washoe County are hitting or exceeding capacity despite serious efforts like re-purposing space, adding lunch periods and co-teaching so that class sizes can be bigger.

Pretty soon, there will be even more kids to serve as Tesla and other companies flock to Northern Nevada . On top of that, state lawmakers just approved more than a billion dollars in tax hikes, mostly for education. But get this--none of that money will cover capital needs.

For all of these reasons, KUNR reported several in-depth stories on the overcrowding crisis in Washoe County schools.

Breast Cancer Mini-Series

About one in eight U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

We took a look at the disease and efforts to fight it in this mini-series.

Beyond Tahoe: Exploring Our Waterways

While certainly important, Lake Tahoe isn’t our only waterway. That’s why Reno Public Radio produced in-depth profiles on several other bodies of water to highlight the unique assets they offer our region, along with the complex challenges they face.

We look at Pyramid, Donner, and Independence Lakes, along with the Truckee River and Sparks Marina.

Nevada's Gamble On School Choice

With the passage of Senate Bill 302, Nevada lawmakers approved what's being called the most comprehensive school choice program in the country. Basically, families can apply to have the state subsidize their child's private or homeschool education through what's called an education savings account or ESA.

Each child will receive roughly $5,000, but critics are questioning the program's accessibility and constitutionality, along with its potential effectiveness for repairing K-12 education in Nevada.

Putting Out The Fire

With prolonged drought conditions and warmer temperatures due to climate change, officials with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District say the region's fire season, which typically spans from June to September, is now year-round. In fact, the Caughlin Ranch Fire was in November of 2011 and the Washoe Drive Fire was in December of 2012. They each burned nearly 30 homes and caused millions of dollars in damage.

For this series, we explore some of the innovative approaches to fighting and preventing devastating wildfires.

All Things Artown (2015)

In 2015, Artown turned 20. The festival is a month-long celebration of the arts with hundreds of events around the city. Reno Public Radio explored Artown's evolution, highlighting events and profiling innovative artists and exhibits.

As a note of disclosure, we should mention that KUNR is a media sponsor for Artown.

Taking Back History

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is reclaiming its roots, including local efforts to revitalize native languages, capture oral histories, and embrace other traditional art forms like carving ceremonial pipes and participating in powwows.

We also have an update on what's being done to preserve the site of the Stewart Indian School in Carson City. Early on, the school's mission was to assimilate Native American children by stripping them of their heritage. Students were forbidden from speaking their native languages or practicing other traditions like growing out their hair or participating in sacred ceremonies.

Despite all that has been lost or silenced, the colony is making strides to capture and teach what it can for the benefit of the next generation, so they know where they come from.

Making It To Graduation

Nevada will soon spend a lot more money on public education thanks to Governor Sandoval's historic tax plan. But for now, our graduation rate remains near the bottom of the national barrel at just 70 percent.

Reno Public Radio shared the stories of students who earned their degrees, despite adversities like being homeless, dealing with a drug addiction, or not having enough family support at home. We also spoke to local experts about what interventions really work for kids facing a tough road to graduation.

Nevada's Drought: The Ripple Effects

Severe. Brutal. Historic. Devastating. Dangerous.

As we entered the fourth year of drought in 2015, Nevada faced myriad challenges relating to everything from agriculture to wildfires to water conservation. That's why KUNR spoke to community members and experts alike, bringing you the latest updates on this natural disaster.

KUNR's Small Business Series

Every dollar spent at a local business offers a greater return to the community, creating jobs and increasing spending. In the business world, this concept is known as the “multiplier effect.”

Reno Public Radio’s news team profiles five small businesses changing the local economy and culture in Northern Nevada.