Corporation for Public Broadcasting Required Information

KUNR receives funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which requires the following information posted on our website:

A list of Station senior/executive management
David Stipech, General Manager
University of Nevada, Reno - Mail Stop 0294
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 682-6055
email: click here

A list of the Board of Directors
KUNR is licensed to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and as such, its Board of Directors is the NSHE Board of Regents:

Dr. Andrea Anderson
Robert J. Blakely
Cedric Crear
Mark W. Doubrava
Jason Geddes, Ph.D.
Ron Knecht
James Dean Leavitt
Kevin C. Melcher
Kevin J. Page
Dr. Jack Lund Schofield
Allison Stephens
Rick Trachok
Michael B. Wixom

To see the calendar of scheduled board meetings and to view the proposed agendas for these meetings please CLICK HERE

Community Advisory Board is not required given the NSHE Board of Regents.

KUNR's Annual Local Content & Services Report - CLICK HERE

KUNR's Financial  Documents - CLICK HERE

KUNR Diversity Statement
KUNR is committed to ensuring that its workforce and any governing boards it establishes strive to reflect the diversity found in the communities it serves. Central to KUNR’s mission, vision and values is maintaining a governing and workplace environment which recognizes each individual’s uniqueness and human value. KUNR strives to create and foster a supportive and accepting environment in which everyone can be successful and supported in pursuing and realizing his or her full potential within the organization.

KUNR seeks a diverse workforce and governing body, recognizing and harnessing distinct capabilities, perspectives and personalities of each individual within the group. On a personal level, the diversity of an individual is defined by his or her cultural and personal differences, as well as his or her life and professional experiences.

KUNR believes that diversity considerations extend beyond race and gender. The spectrum of diversity includes disability, religious belief, ideology, age, culture, sexual orientation, physicality, education and socioeconomic status.

KUNR is an equal opportunity employer and will attempt to recruit a diverse workforce -- explicitly forbidding discrimination or harassment.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) Diversity Edibility Criteria require public media organizations to adopt formal goals for diversity and to report annually on steps taken to work toward those goals. These actions are required for all stations receiving Community Service Grants funds (CSG).

  • To that end, KUNR has set the following diversity goals:
  • To actively promote open positions through channels and avenues aimed at reaching diverse audiences of potential employees.
  • To seek diverse interview subjects, topics, content-generators, producers and creative talents to influence and produce content reflecting diverse audiences and perspectives.
  • To identify ways to continually improve recruitment and retention of qualified candidates to achieve diversity in the makeup of the station’s team.
  • To provide equal opportunity in employment.
  • To educate our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.
  • To seek and nominate candidates for station boards, advisory groups or workgroups that represent the geographically and demographically diverse composition of the many communities we serve and our diverse society at large.
  • To assist in developing a more diverse future workforce of talented people with professional skills in the broadcasting/media industry. This is accomplished through activities such as recruiting diverse candidates for internship and related opportunities, participating in minority or other diversity job fairs and networking and relationship-building within diverse communities.

KUNR works closely with the University of Nevada, Reno, its licensee, and reflects the university’s commitment to recruiting and hiring a diverse and vibrant workforce. Recruitment includes outreach through diversity websites, social media, advertisement, on-air, word-of-mouth, internal and external networking and other station, industry, community and university channels.

KUNR’s staff, volunteers and interns are reflective of our increasingly diverse community. Over the past two to three years, KUNR has continually examined and refined its efforts to identify and utilize online and other sources to foster a diverse workforce of qualified and talented team members.

Through training at staff, management and board levels, participation in minority job fairs, recruiting diverse interns and/or other initiatives, KUNR is committed to the ideals of honoring the inherent value in all people from all backgrounds who together bring their talents and skills to our organization for the benefit of the diverse communities and audiences we serve.