Welcome to the 2017 Fall Fundraising Drive!

Welcome to the 2017 Fall Fundraising Drive at Reno Public Radio!

This year, we have an audacious goal: to not interrupt a single show during our on-air fundraiser.

We don’t want you to miss a single minute of the programs that inspire, educate, or entertain you. That’s why we are trying a new way to raise money to pay for the programs you value.

Instead of the traditional 6-day fund drive to reach our station’s financial needs, we will not interrupt programs. You’ll hear us on the air, reminding you to give around existing programs, but that’s it. No 5-minute fundraising breaks covering up important news—you don’t need to worry what you’re missing.

With your help, we can eliminate this year’s traditional Fall Fundraising Drive.

That’s right. We want to raise the critical funds we need to provide you with our news and information without interrupting the programs!

Here’s the Deal: We need to raise $100,000 this fall.

How you can help:

·         Go online right now and Donate. Or, give us a call at 775-682-6300

·         If you are a current KUNR Sustainer—Increase your monthly gift.

·         Encourage your friends and family to donate!

We still have our great Fall Giveaways and a brand new “I Heart Public Radio” mug and decal.