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Susan Nissenbaum is a court appointed special advocate with the Washoe County CASA program. Many years ago, she was assigned to work with a teen named Grace, who ended up living in multiple foster and group homes. They attended court together for years and when Grace aged out of the foster care system, they remained close. They came to KUNR to remember those difficult times, which ultimately brought them together. 

Right now in Washoe County, there are more than 900 children in foster care. When possible, these children are assigned a Court Appointed Special Advocate to provide them with support.

Our reporter Paul Boger spoke with judge Cynthia Lu to learn more about the CASA program and this continued need.

Foster Care's Racial Makeup Problematic

Aug 3, 2015
Victor Leyba

 Despite some improvement in recent years, children of color are overrepresented in our U.S. foster care system. That's the takeaway from a new report conducted by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, based in Reno. Julia Ritchey of Reno Public Radio sat down with the author of this report to learn more about inequity in our child welfare system.