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Nevada Republicans Tenuously Embrace Trump Candidacy

May 4, 2016
Alexa Ard

Donald Trump's path to the GOP presidential nomination is all but assured — and that's causing major headaches for Nevada Republicans hoping to win key races this year. 

In a candid exchange with reporters in Vegas, today, after Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race, Nevada's Republican Senator Dean Heller says he's not sure he can vote for Trump.

Rindels: "Senator, are you committing to vote for Trump at this point?"

Heller: "No, what I'm committing is to voting against Hillary Clinton this November."

The Washoe GOP elected 633 out of 638 possible delegates to the state convention in Reno this May. The organization also revised its platform at the county convention on Saturday, but questions remain about how the local party will move forward once its four elected officials resign in just a few weeks. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman reports.


Interview: Is Donald Trump A Demogogue?

Mar 19, 2016

The platform of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is built on some controversial ideas, like building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and deporting millions of immigrants who are here illegally. Some of his ideologies have been compared to Hitler's, and more and more, we hear him described as a demagogue.

Recap: Trump's Last Stop In Sparks Before Sweeping Nevada

Feb 24, 2016
Marcus Lavergne

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump swept Nevada on Tuesday night, taking almost 46% of the vote. His share is actually more than that of Marco Rubio (almost 24%) and Ted Cruz (21%) combined. 

Trump chose to spend part of his Tuesday afternoon, right before the caucus, in Sparks at the Nugget Casino. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne was at that final Northern Nevada rally and has this report.

Trump professed his support for Nevada as a prominent business leader in the state while heavily criticizing his opponents, especially Ted Cruz.  

KUNR Breaks Down Nevada's Republican Caucus

Feb 24, 2016
Julia Ritchey

  Donald Trump won Nevada last night, as expected, landing nearly 46 percent of the vote.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trailed behind him, with 24 and 21 percent of the vote.  To break down last night's results and share more from the caucus scene in Reno and Sparks, our reporter Julia Ritchey sat down with News Director Michelle Billman.

“Trump didn't just win Nevada, he easily won Nevada,” says Ritchey. “I think most political observers were expecting that, and we were more curious about who would come in second.”

Donald Trump dominated Nevada's GOP caucus Tuesday night, as expected, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trailing behind him and duking it out for a distant second place. The state GOP saw a big boost in voter turnout, including the crowd at Reed High in Sparks. Our News Director Michelle Billman was there and has this story.

Ted Cruz Woos Nevada's Libertarians On Caucus Eve

Feb 23, 2016
Julia Ritchey

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made his final pitch to Northern Nevadans last night at the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, the campaign's eighth stop in a marathon tour across the Silver State.

Cruz took the stage at about 9 o'clock last night to a crowd of several hundred cheering supporters. In a message tailor-made for the state, Cruz promised to shrink the size of the federal government and turn over public lands to the states.


In the New Hampshire primary, we saw Bernie Sanders come out way on top, by even more than expected. But can he keep that momentum heading into South Carolina and then Nevada, where Hillary Clinton has had boots on the ground for a whole year? To dig into that question, our News Director Michelle Billman spoke with two local political scientists, Precious Hall and Fred Lokken who both teach at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Deadline Nears For NV Republican Caucus

Feb 11, 2016
Julia Ritchey

"How many have never been to a caucus before?" asks Phyllis Westrup, caucus chair for the Washoe County Republican Party. 

Hands shoot up around the room of first-time caucus goers at the Washoe County Republican Party headquarters this week in Reno.

Caucus chair Phyllis Westrup is surprised by how few people have done this before.

"To me that's amazing... and that's the way it was on Saturday, too."

Westrup walks the group of about 50 through the process step-by-step.

Trump Aims Crosshairs On Cruz During Reno Stop

Jan 10, 2016
Alexa Ard

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump made his second appearance in Northern Nevada Sunday at a packed rally in downtown Reno. Our reporter Julia Ritchey was there and has more.

Billionaire Trump riled up the crowd of several thousand at the Reno Events Center but had his crosshairs squarely aimed on rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who's been rising in the polls.

"Is he a natural born citizen?" Trump asked the crowd. "Some people... I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. Who the hell knows?"