Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich

Thursday: 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.


Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursdays during Morning Edition at 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m..

Dr. Jankovich has been working as a psychologist since 1974. She works with a range of problems including relationships, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, grief, trauma, and struggles with life transitions. Rebecca practices what she preaches to not burn out by leaving the office to ride equine races with her horses, and travel the world.


Aug 24, 2017

What to do if you feel your partner forces you to always take her side in a dispute.

When your daughter insists you must start dating.

You may not be getting to a solution when you disagree because someone isn't staying on point.  

Calm Down

Aug 4, 2017

How to react if your partner can't calm down.

Why teenagers need so much sleep.

Can you change a negative thinker into a positive one?

Is your partner always picking a fight?  Here's how to solve the problem.

How to balance things when your parents move to town.


Jun 30, 2017

Questions to consider before you ask for a divorce.

Mad Men

Jun 22, 2017

How often does a woman ask her man, "What's wrong?"  And how often does the man say, "Nothing, why?"