Washoe Commission Appoints 3 Lawmakers For Special Session

Sep 30, 2016

The Washoe County Board of Commissioners has approved three people to serve at the Nevada Legislature for an upcoming special session. Our reporter Bob Conrad has the story.

Credit ThisisReno.com

Commissioners named Jesse Haw and Julia Ratti for state senate, and Dominic Brunetti for state assembly.

The term of the appointments is just for the special session, which will be held next month. Lawmakers will consider approving a stadium in Las Vegas for the Raiders football team.

The dates are still being worked out, but Governor Brian Sandoval called that special session last week.

While some see the stadium as a positive for economic development in the state, others are coming out in opposition, including a group called the Nevada Taxpayers Association. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the group has cited uncertainties in the deal along with data showing that subsidized stadiums can be detrimental to communities.