NPR's new CEO visits KUNR

Aug 5, 2014

David Stipech interviews NPR CEO Jarl Mohn in the KUNR studios July 24, 2014.

Jarl Mohn has only been on the job as NPR's president and CEO for a few weeks, but his relatable style and warm approachability are already having a local impact. 

Wearing a stylish NPR T-shirt, he visited with KUNR staff as the first stop on his cross-country small-plane tour of just a handful of small stations. Mohn spent time getting acquainted with KUNR's staff and operation, shared his ideas and priorities and had a friendly visit over lunch at the station.

David Stipech interviewed Mohn in the KUNR studios July 24, discussing public radio, NPR and the plans, challenges and opportunities ahead. (Jarl is pronounced "Yarl.")

KUNR's staff takes a selfie with NPR's CEO Jarl Mohn July 24, 2014.
Credit Michael Goven

"It was great for a small station like KUNR to receive a personal visit from NPR's new leader as he's just getting started," Stipech noted. "Jarl energized the staff and I feel it's a refreshing sign of great things to come from NPR under his leadership."

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KUNR Broadcast 7-25-14

KUNR's David Stipech greets NPR CEO Jarl Mohn upon his airport arrival in Reno July 24, 2014.
Credit Michael Goven

New NPR CEO Jarl Mohn's first stop was in Reno at KUNR as he flew to a handful of stations across the country in this plane, owned and piloted by his friend Michael Goven, director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Credit Michael Goven