Northern Nevada Shelter Search Continues

May 17, 2016


A local charity is still searching for a location to establish a new homeless overflow shelter. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne has more.

After being vandalized earlier this year, the Volunteers of America Northern Nevada overflow shelter became uninhabitable. Spokeswoman Sandy Isham, told our partner, KNPR in Las Vegas, not handling the problem could be costly.

“Ignoring homelessness is actually very expensive,” Isham said. “But helping stabilize people and helping them live independently is actually a great investment for your community.”

The search was slowed by backlash from residents worried about living close to homeless people. Isham says there is a misconception about who the homeless really are.

“A lot of people don’t realize that children and families account for a disproportionate percentage of this population,” Isham said. “Then of course one out of five homeless adults in our country is a veteran right now.”

About 4000 homeless people live in Washoe County. According to Isham, around 200 of them live out on the streets.

Note: This story was produced with content from this interview on KNPR.