Heller Defends Vote to Advance Health Care Debate

Jul 25, 2017

Republican Sen. Dean Heller speaks to constituents after a contentious town hall in Carson City.
Credit Paul Boger / Reno Public Radio

Nevada's Republican Senator, Dean Heller, is defending his vote to begin debate on the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act. 

In a statement sent after Tuesday's vote, Heller told constituents that his decision to support the procedural motion is because the current law -- otherwise known as Obamacare -- is unworkable and that doing nothing was not the answer.

However, Heller went on to say that he would not vote in favor of the final health care bill if it "isn't improved for Nevada.” 

Despite, assurances that he will vote against a bill that is "bad" for Nevada, Heller has already taken heat from possible opponents in next year's election. 

Nevada's 3rd District Congresswoman, Democrat Jacky Rosen, called Heller's vote a slap in the face for Nevada Families.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed in full -- an estimated 200,000 Nevadans on Medicaid could lose coverage.