Will Stone


Will is thrilled to be reporting for KUNR. An East Coast transplant, he's worked at NPR stations in Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut. He's also interned at the NPR West Headquarters in Los Angeles where he learned from some of the network's best correspondents. Before joining the public radio airwaves, he studied English at a small liberal arts college and covered arts and culture for an alternative newsweekly in Philadelphia.

He's particularly drawn to education, government and environmental reporting, but will jump on any story that gets him out into the field with a mic in hand.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fish tacos and great American poetry.


Local Stories
10:21 am
Fri February 27, 2015

Assemblyman Arrested For DUI And Possession Of A Firearm

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo, a Democrat from Clark County, was arrested last night for DUI and possession of a firearm while intoxicated, according to the Carson City Sheriff. Carrillo, a union worker and contractor, is one of the most vocal critics of anti-labor legislation in Carson City. At this point, it's unclear whether Carrillo will resign.

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Politics and Policy
4:07 pm
Thu February 26, 2015

School Construction Bill Becomes Battleground Over Labor Issues In Nevada

A new portable classroom unit awaiting installation at Brown Elementary School.
Credit Anh Gray

Right now, there are close to 2,000 portable classrooms in Washoe and Clark Counties alone because of overcrowding. Couple that with calls from business leaders, parents and both parties to improve education in Nevada, and you'd expect a bill that would create more schools to sail through.

“Except that we’re going to do that by stepping on your parents' backs. It’s the parents versus the kids. That’s what you’re doing with this bill. For someone to have the audacity to put this in front of my face and say it’s about schools...”

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Politics and Policy
4:45 pm
Mon February 23, 2015

Rural Community Colleges In Nevada Could See Major Cuts

Nevada’s rural community colleges are cash-strapped. That will only get worse under the current budget proposal. Leaders from those colleges will be in Carson City on Tuesday in hopes of improving their outlook. 

Higher education in Nevada has faced some rough years. Now, the picture is beginning to change, but for rural community colleges, namely Western Nevada College and Great Basin, major cuts are still imminent.

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Politics and Policy
1:49 pm
Fri February 13, 2015

Welcome To Nevada Politics: A Roundup Of The Legislative Session

The 2015 legislative session is only in its first weeks, but already some political observers in Nevada say the prognosis is not good. Republicans continue to deal with discord in their ranks. Governor Brian Sandoval's plan to increase taxes to fund education could face serious opposition from members of his own party. Meanwhile, police are investigating a possible extortion plot.

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Politics and Policy
3:40 pm
Thu February 12, 2015

Nevada Treasurer Lambasted For Alternative Budget

Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz is being criticized for his alternative budget proposal.
Credit www.nevadatreasurer.gov

If you’re scratching your head about why the treasurer is designing the state’s budget, you’re not the only 

  one. In an unprecedented move, Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, a Republican, came forward with a plan that’s about half a billion dollars lower than Governor Brian Sandoval’s. It also eliminates the governor’s proposed taxes on business to fund education.

Speaking in front of the Senate Finance Committee, Schwartz put it this way:

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Business + Economy
8:48 am
Thu February 12, 2015

The Changing Face Of Reno's Downtown And Its Small Business Community

On the corner of West and 2nd Street in Reno
Credit Neal Cobb

As Reno has changed over the decades, so have the small businesses that set up shop here. No one knows this better than local historian Alicia Barber. 

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9:44 am
Mon February 9, 2015

Survey: 11 Percent of Students At UNR Experience Unwanted Sexual Contact

Between 2011 and 2013, how many sexual offenses would you guess were reported at UNR's campus?

Just one.

"Like there’s no problem at all, and we know that’s just not true.”

Jennifer Lowman works at UNR and conducted the new survey on sexual misconduct on campus.

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Politics and Policy
9:24 am
Fri February 6, 2015

Debate over gun rights heats up in Carson

A bill under consideration would allow guns on school grounds, if they are secured in a locked car. Some lawmakers argue that would make schools safer, while others disagree.

Guns could be coming to a campus parking lot near you. Some lawmakers in Carson City say that's a good thing, while others believe schools and universities should remain gun free.

Josh Wilsey, a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno, doesn’t really have a problem with guns on campus.

“I wouldn’t say it would really bother me. I think in Nevada you’re going to have guns everywhere anyway.”

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Energy and Environment
5:02 pm
Tue February 3, 2015

"Unprecedented Decline" Prompts State To Cut Water For Yerington Farmers

Many farmers in and around Yerington are being ordered to cut their water usage in half this growing season.  

As far as State Engineer Jason King knows, this is the first time they've ever told farmers to stop pumping groundwater.

"What we are seeing in these two particular basins, Smith and Mason Valley, are just unprecedented water declines. They're the steepest on record."

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10:51 am
Mon February 2, 2015

School Choice: A Major Priority For Some Education Reformers

School choice is a common refrain among conservatives when discussing education reform.

Seth Rau of the advocacy group Nevada Succeeds says it’s all the more important this session, given the governor’s plan to raise nearly a billion dollars for the state’s school system.

“Some Republicans are in favor of raising the revenue. Some Republicans are not, but the choice issues are the ones that can unite Republicans.”

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