Esther Ciammachilli

Afternoon Host/News

Esther began her career with KUNR in March of 2013, having made the transition from commercial radio where she began her broadcast journey in 2011. Esther received her degree in journalism from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2014. Before graduating, she was awarded the Outstanding Broadcast Student Award from the Reynolds School.

Originally from San Diego, California, Esther moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001 where she worked as a singing gondolier at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. At night, she was an actress in an improvisational dinner theater called "Tony and Tina's Wedding," where she played several different parts (not all at once though). She is a trained improvisational actor and has worked with the Reno Little Theater after moving to the north in 2010.



Local Stories
11:00 am
Wed March 25, 2015

Washoe Health District Wants E-Cigarettes Regulated

Washoe County health officials are urging lawmakers to regulate electronic cigarettes. Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli reports.

With the number of young people using e-cigarettes growing nationwide, the Washoe County Health District released a position statement this week calling on the state legislature to set up some ground rules.

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Underage Recruitment
4:55 pm
Fri March 20, 2015

AD Doug Knuth on recruiting of underage athletes

UNR Athletic Director Doug Knuth.

NBA superstar LeBron James recently made a public statement asking colleges and universities to stop trying to recruit his 10-year-old son. He says his son, LeBron Jr., has been receiving phone calls and even scholarship offers. University of Nevada, Reno Athletic Director Doug Knuth sat down with Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli to answer some questions regarding the NCAA's policy  on recruitment.

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Sports and recreation
4:45 pm
Fri March 20, 2015

Wolf Pack's New Men's Basketball Coach To Be Named Shortly

Air Force Falcons forward Hayden Graham attempts a free throw in the first half against the Nevada Wolf Pack at Clune Arena in February.
Credit Nevada Wolf Pack

The Nevada Wolf Pack could have a new men's basketball coach in place by next Thursday. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports.

The Board of Regents for the Nevada System of Higher Education is holding a special meeting on Thursday. The agenda for that meeting says UNR President Marc Johnson will request approval for a multi-year employment contract for a new coach.

A national search has been underway since former Coach David Carter was fired earlier this month. Athletic Director Doug Knuth has led that search effort, which has been quite hush-hush.

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Local Stories
10:52 am
Wed March 18, 2015

Reno City Council Approves Plan To Fight Domestic Violence

The Reno City Attorney’s office is taking new steps to curb domestic violence, under a plan recently approved by the Reno City Council. Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli has more.

When running for City Attorney last year, Karl Hall told KUNR this would be one of his top priorities:

"I'm going to devote additional resources to the criminal division, specifically the domestic violence issue, to protect our domestic violence victims."

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What is a Hospitalist
10:46 am
Mon March 9, 2015

UNR Health Watch: The Role Of A 'Hospitalist' In Healthcare

Dr. Kirk Bronander is an associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He also serves as a hospitalist at Renown Hospital and serves as the Medical Director of Simulation for the School of Medicine.

Today on the UNR health watch, we talk about the role of a hospitalist and what you should know if you need to be admitted in a hospital for treatment. Our guest is Dr. Kirk Bronander, an associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He also serves as a hospitalist at Renown Hospital and serves as the Medical Director of Simulation for the School of Medicine. Joining him and leading this discussion is Richelle O'Driscoll, director of public affairs for the Division of Health Sciences and School of Medicine.  

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Adolescent Behavior
10:52 am
Mon March 2, 2015

UNR Health Watch: Behavioral Issues in Children and Teens

Dr. Saul Zelan, child and adolescent psychiatrist, pediatrician and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

On the University of Nevada School of Medicine Health Watch, a talk about behavioral issues in children and teens with Dr. Saul Zelan, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, pediatrician  and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Leading this discussion is Richelle O'Driscoll, Director of Public Affairs for the Division of Health Sciences and School of Medicine. 

For those interested in learning more about the workshops mentioned in this health watch, call (775) 682-8459

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Real ID
9:56 am
Wed February 25, 2015

New Nevada Driver's License Causing Privacy Concerns

The Real ID Driver's License (L) will include a gold star in the top right corner and will allow you access to commercial airlines and federal buildings. The Standard License (R) can limit your access to these because it says NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE. Entities such as TSA have the authority to deny people with the Standard ID access to airplanes.
Credit Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

For the last decade, driver’s licenses in Nevada and a handful of other states have not complied with federal law. The DMV is fixing the issue now, but the new IDs are causing privacy concerns.

Back in 2005, Congress passed the Real ID Act, requiring states to perform a federal background check before issuing a driver’s license.  The law was a response to the global war on terror, but it’s taken some states - like Nevada – a long time to catch up.

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Business + Economy
8:49 am
Fri February 13, 2015

Reno's MidTown District: One Young Bar Owner's Story

Credit Alexa Ard

When KJ Flippen took over as the owner of the Zephyr Bar in 2011, it was in his words, "a dive." Today, it's a thriving lounge located in the heart of MidTown. Flippen talks with Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli about the Z-Bar's transformation and what it's like to be a young entrepreneur.

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UNR Sports Part Three
2:36 pm
Fri February 6, 2015

AD Doug Knuth At Crossroads Of UNR Sports

Outside John Sala Intramural Practice Field

UNR has several successful sports programs even though many of them lack proper training facilities. This is the final part of KUNR's in-depth look at UNR's sports programs and facilities and how they impact each other.

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Reno Bighorns
11:37 am
Fri February 6, 2015

Bighorns' "System" Helps Them Break D-League Scoring Record

Reno Bighorns' Coach David Arseneault Jr. He and his father invented "the System," a fast-paced, high-scoring basketball strategy.
Credit Reno Bighorns

The Reno Bighorns broke an NBA Development League record last Saturday when they scored 157 points in a game, improving on their previous best of 155. Reno Public Radio’s Esther Ciammachilli stopped by one of their practices to find out how they’re making this happen.

It’s called “the System” and it’s the brainchild of Reno Bighorns’ coach David Arseneault Jr. and his father, who coaches college basketball in Iowa. Those familiar with this method sum it up in three words. 

“Run and gun style; run and gun; run and gun."

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