Alexandra Mosher

KUNR & Reynolds School Social Media Intern

Alexandra Mosher is finishing her last year at the University of Nevada and will graduate with a French and Journalism B.A. Her ambition to be a foreign correspondent was reignited after spending her last semester studying abroad in France. She aspires to shed light on global issues and execute her stories in a way that garners empathy from an American audience. 

Alexandra worked as a multimedia journalist for USA TODAY before coming to KUNR. Her happy place is laying on a hammock nestled in the woods, dancing to a cool beat or watching live music with friends in a bustling city. 

Alexandra Mosher

A few months ago, a private developer transformed dilapidated apartments in Reno into housing for homeless veterans. Reno public radio’s Alexandra Mosher [Moe-sure] visited one of the new tenants to see how he is settling in.  

“This is my living room. It's not that big, but I enjoy it."

U.S. Air Force veteran, Curtis Thomas lost his home in Las Vegas after he was sent to prison in 2014. Thomas knew that he needed to change his life around so in prison he began contacting Veteran’s Affairs and when he was released they temporarily set him up in a hotel room.

Alexandra Moser

Before the sun came up Friday morning, the Great Reno Balloon Race was already getting underway. Reno Public Radio’s Alexandra Mosher was there and has the story.

Cuddled in blankets and lawn chairs on the fields of Rancho San Rafael Park, spectators were up before dawn awaiting the event’s infamous Super Glow Show.  

For some, this was their first time watching the hot air balloons use their flames to light up the dark Reno skyline.