Esther Ciammachilli

In this installment of the UNR health watch, we talk about childhood immunizations and public health policy with John Packham, Ph.D., director of health policy research at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Leading this discussion is Susan Hill, director of marketing and communications at School of Medicine and Division of Health Sciences.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is expanding their Reserve Deputy Program. 

The program allows volunteers the chance to protect and serve their community as secondary law enforcement officers. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is expanding this program in an effort to save money. Sheriff Chuck Allen says when he took office in November, there were less than ten reserve deputies in Washoe County.  

“My goal is to ultimately have 60 trained men and women from the community who are willing to serve in a variety of capacities.”

Lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at helping Nevada collect more tax revenue from online retailers.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill yesterday (Tuesday), and the Assembly passed an identical measure.

The U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause prevents states from requiring a merchant to collect and turn over sales tax unless the business has a substantial base in that state.

UNR Health Watch: Childhood Obesity

Apr 20, 2015
Esther Ciammachilli

Today on the University of Nevada Health Watch, we look at ways to prevent and treat childhood obesity with Dr. Stephanie Wright. She’s a practicing physician in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.  Leading this discussion is Richelle O’Driscoll, director of public affairs for the School of Medicine and Division of Health Sciences.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and organizations want to raise awareness about the services available to help these victims.  Amanda Haboush-Deloye with Prevent Child Abuse Nevada says awareness helps encourage victims and others to report cases of suspected child abuse. She says the majority of cases in the state involve children under the age of five. Some of the telltale signs of neglect include...

"Lack of supervision," Haboush-Deloye says. "Not having the appropriate food or nutrients in the house. Living in an unsafe or an unclean environment."

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The deadline to file taxes was this week and a new analysis examines exactly where Nevada's federal income tax dollars are going. 

Lindsay Koshgarian is a research director with the nonpartisan National Priorities Project, which tracks tax money and how it's spent. She says the average Nevada resident paid more than 12 thousand dollars in federal taxes last year, with the biggest chunk funding national defense.

Regional Transportation Commission

The controversial Southeast Connector roadway project received final federal approval this week. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports that the thoroughfare will eventually connect South Reno to Sparks, easing congestion on Interstate 580 by offering an alternate route to many job sites, including Tesla's gigafactory.

At a press conference held by the Regional Transportation Commission Thursday in Reno, RTC Chair Neoma Jardon said this is more than just a new road, it's a job creator.

The boat launch at Lake Tahoe’s Sand Harbor near Incline Village is closed until further notice. Due to a dismal snowpack, water level at the lake is lower than normal.

Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Supervisor Jay Howard says that isn’t likely to change.

“Given the recent snowpack totals of three percent of average that just recently came out, and given what I see in the backcountry when I’m able to go back there, I just don’t expect a whole lot of run-off to occur,” Howard says.

UNR Health Watch: "Fit To Fly"

Apr 13, 2015
Esther Ciammachilli

Today on the University of Nevada, Reno health watch, we talk to Dr. Melissa Piasecki about the role of a forensic psychiatrist in evaluating whether pilots are "fit to fly." Dr. Piasecki is a practicing forensic psychiatrist with expertise in ethical and legal issues in medicine, fitness for duty evaluations for professionals, and suicide and suicide prevention.  She talks with Richelle O'Driscoll, director of public affairs for the School of Medicine and Division of Health Sciences.    


The University Of Nevada School Of Medicine is hoping to expand its medical residencies and fellowship programs, with help from Governor Brian Sandoval's proposed budget.

The plan includes 10 million dollars to create more resident opportunities in Nevada.

Dr. Thomas Schwenk is Dean of the School of Medicine. He says this could help fight the state's doctor shortage.  “And we know that where residents train and where fellows train is where they generally end up staying to practice, so we want to expand these capabilities significantly.”