Thousands of mourners turned out today in downtown to  pay their respects to Deputy Sheriff Carl Howell who was killed last week in the line of duty. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray was there and has this remembrance.

As a helicopter hovered above, crowds quietly lined the streets in the sweltering heat around the Reno Events Center. People were waving American flags and saluting as the motorcade of more than 800 law enforcement vehicles made its way through. Near the end of the procession,  Deputy Carl Howell’s casket was carried on a bright yellow Carson City fire truck.

The federal government completed its transfer of 10,000 acres of public land to the city of Yerington on Thursday. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey reports.

The Bureau of Land Management issued the patent to Yerington for the land, which will be used for industrial, recreational and infrastructure projects.

More than half the land will be given to Nevada Copper for expansion of its Pumpkin Hollow mine.

The land transfer was approved last year as part of the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress.

Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Casinos across the country including Nevada, are urging Congress to pass legislation that would expand cyber-security protections for the gaming industry.  

Julia Ritchey

A host of worried farmers testified at a panel gauging the effect of drought in Nevada at a state hearing in Sparks Wednesday. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey reports.


Representatives from the cattle, wool and farming industries spoke at the Nevada Drought Forum, arguing against any further cutbacks in water allocation.

The farmers said the drought and subsequent water restrictions had slashed their incomes, increased operating costs and made it hard to plan for the future. 

UNSOM Health Watch: New Surgical Training Lab

Aug 19, 2015
Esther Ciammachilli

In this University of Nevada School of Medicine health watch, we’re talking about a new surgical training lab at the School of Medicine that allows local surgeons to practice new procedures and technology on donated cadavers. Joining us to talk about this are Dr. Carl Sievert, a professor of physiology and cell biology and head anatomy instructor for the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and Richelle O’Driscoll, director of public affairs for the division of health sciences and School of Medicine.

Tesla, Now Faraday?

Aug 18, 2015

Tesla, the electric car company, is building a massive battery factory in Northern Nevada. State lawmakers promised it some billion dollars in tax incentives to get it here.


Residents of the Mt. Rose and Galena suburbs rely mostly on domestic wells for their water. But continued development and the drought have strapped those underground aquifers. Now, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority has a new strategy to supply these households. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey spoke with TMWA's John Enloe for more details.*

Bad roads in Reno can cost drivers more than $700 a year in extra car repairs. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray explains a new report finds there are not enough federal funds to fix our roadways.

Almost half of the roads around Reno are in poor condition.  That’s according to a study using data collected in 2013 by the Federal Highway Administration.

A library in northeast Reno will stay open after Washoe County backed off plans to shutter the branch. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey reports. 

The Washoe County Library System threatened to close the Duncan-Traner branch last month, citing low use. 

But neighborhood residents protested the move, saying the the branch served an important function to one of the city's lowest income neighborhoods. 

The library is operated jointly with nearby Glenn Duncan Elementary School, but is only open two days a week after years of budget cutbacks.