A grainy video of a recent arrest in Reno, and a lot of commentary on social media, have raised questions about the role that citizen videos should play when local law enforcement agencies are investigated for possible misconduct.

To learn more, we turn to our contributor Bob Conrad. And just a quick warning: This report does contain some graphic language. 


Kelly McEvers is best known as the West Coast host of NPR's All Things Considered. But she's also just launched a podcast, called Embedded, to take listeners even deeper into the stories they hear each day on NPR. Our reporter Julia Ritchey talked with McEvers on her latest endeavor. Below are some excerpts of their conversation.

Julia Ritchey

More than 45 years after the Supreme Court established First Amendment protections for students, free speech remains a hot-button issue across high school and college campuses — from controversial prom dress codes to widely publicized protests at the University of Missouri this year. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey sat down with the plaintiff in that landmark case on student rights in the 21st century. 

U.S. Forest Service, Carson Ranger District

The Eastern Sierras saw a wet winter this year, leaving grasses and other fire fuels on the ground. Now foresters are looking at sheep to help solve this issue.

Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick sat down with Anna Belle Monti, fuels forester for the U.S. Forest Service to learn more.

NG: Can you just tell me a little bit about what a fuels forester does?

Washoe County Senior Services is getting more money to meet the increased demand for their programs. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports nutrition is the biggest need.

The Washoe County Board of Commissioners is allocating an additional $200,000 to deliver more meals for the elderly.

Kevin Schiller is Assistant County Manager. He says the county will be providing about 400,000 meals next year.

“That’s our max capacity with our existing equipment and our existing staff,” Schiller says.

Lethal Drug Stoppage Shows Death Penalty Divide

May 18, 2016
Ken Lund / Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The Nevada Department of Corrections is still moving forward with plans for a new execution facility in Ely in light of pharmaceutical powerhouse, Pfizer, halting its sell of lethal injection drugs last Friday. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne reports:

Department of Correction’s spokeswoman Brooke Keast says plans for the nearly $858,000 facility will continue, but she doesn’t know how quickly.

“It’s our legislature, the voters and the people of Nevada that will ultimately make the decision on what happens with this stuff,” Keast said.

A Las Vegas judge has dismissed one of two lawsuits filed against Nevada's sweeping new school choice program, although the program is still on hold for other concerns.

Judge Eric Johnson issued a ruling Wednesday that the Education Savings Account program doesn't violate the portion of the Nevada Constitution that bans using public funds for sectarian purposes.

The voucher-style program approved last year by state lawmakers allows parents to claim their child's per-pupil state education funds and use it toward private schooling.

Julia Ritchey

Reno's housing market has steadily regained its health, making it a sellers’ market. This is putting strain on the city’s dwindling supply of rental homes. In our ongoing series Squeezed Out, reporter Julia Ritchey explores what’s happening in Midtown, Reno’s trendiest neighborhood.

"This is a nice little space. So you can see, I have access to a backyard and a frontyard..."

Margie Hicks has lived in her two-bedroom, one-bath rental house on Caliente Street in Midtown for about six years.

She says back then, it wasn't hard to find a place to rent.


Almost two hundred peopled packed the new Reno headquarters of a grassroots organization working to get a ballot measure passed that would increase the sales tax in Washoe. The tax revenue generated would fund school capital projects. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray was there.



Northern Nevada Shelter Search Continues

May 17, 2016

A local charity is still searching for a location to establish a new homeless overflow shelter. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne has more.

After being vandalized earlier this year, the Volunteers of America Northern Nevada overflow shelter became uninhabitable. Spokeswoman Sandy Isham, told our partner, KNPR in Las Vegas, not handling the problem could be costly.