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Donald Trump's path to the GOP presidential nomination is all but assured — and that's causing major headaches for Nevada Republicans hoping to win key races this year. 

In a candid exchange with reporters in Vegas, today, after Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race, Nevada's Republican Senator Dean Heller says he's not sure he can vote for Trump.

Rindel:"Senator, are you committing to vote for Trump at this point?"

Heller: "No, what I'm committing is to voting against Hillary Clinton this November."

Alexa Ard

The City of Reno held its first budget workshop for the next fiscal year. As Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick reports, the City Council raised serious questions about priorities.

Overall, the city is looking to spend $3.3 million more than last year. Nine new positions are being budgeted to the general fund and a new Office of Economic Development will be created to partner with the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

But Mayor Hillary Schieve says there are major components missing from the budget.

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Nine people are competing in the Republican primary for Nevada's open U.S. senate seat, vacated by retiring Senator Harry Reid. Congressman Joe Heck is largely expected to win the primary on June 14, but not without first facing a challenge from notorious Tea Party figure Sharron Angle.

Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey spoke with Steve Sebelius, veteran political columnist at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, on the unexpected match-up in an already unusual election cycle.

Nevada’s largest union group is backing
Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto in her bid for the U.S. Senate. 

Nevada’s American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, or the AFL-CIO, is endorsing the state's former attorney general Cortez Masto’s run for outgoing Senator Harry Reid’s seat.

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A new community center catering to Northern Nevada's Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual population is now open in Midtown Reno.

The grand opening of Our Center brought out hundreds of people this weekend to Wells Avenue for food trucks, games and live music.

The nonprofit group behind it has been working since 2009 to raise the funds to launch a dedicated space for LGBT education, advocacy and support services. Jeromy Manke is president of Our Center.

Reno City Council has approved a plan that will help protect historic homes south of the University of Nevada, Reno as the school expands its campus. Our contributor Bob Conrad with has the story.

The Council has voted to keep its eye on UNR's plans for Center Street after lengthy debate. Councilwoman Naomi Duerr says that there are different configurations possible for the area that can include the homes and new UNR buildings.

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More children in rural Nevada will have access to healthy foods this summer when school is out of session. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman explains why.

Max Garcia is a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor who visited Reno this week from San Francisco to share his story of suffering starvation and torture while living in multiple Nazi concentration camps.

Garcia's late wife Pat chronicled his experiences in a book that they named after a haunting song that Garcia and other prisoners used to sing:

"Auschwitz, Auschwitz, I cannot forget you as long as I remain alive because when the time comes to die, I cannot die in as much as I've died here so many times."

Law Enforcement Grappling With Mental Health Calls

Apr 29, 2016
City of Reno

Last year alone, Reno Police responded to roughly 2,100 suicide calls along with 730 calls for other mental health concerns. Reporter Rocio Hernandez examines how Northern Nevada is grappling with this issue.

Local law enforcement agencies agree one on thing:

"Putting people behind bars doesn't fix mental health," says Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen.

Over in Sparks, the police department is implementing crisis intervention training so that every officer can better understand how to deescalate situations without using force.