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The Obama administration is highlighting Washoe County as a model for how schools should treat transgender students. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman reports.

The federal government has issued a guiding statement to schools nationwide, recommending they allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities, or risk losing federal funds. Model policies include those implemented by the Washoe County School District last year.

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A Reno doctor and eight others were indicted for an alleged drug ring this week involving the illicit sale of prescription painkillers like oxycodone. The situation has been sparking concerns across the region, but addiction is not a new battle for any community.

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Nevada Democrats are meeting Saturday for their state convention in Las Vegas. The party's main task is electing presidential delegates. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman reports.

Nevada Democrats will send 43 delegates to the national convention in July. During the February caucuses, Hillary Clinton nabbed 13 of them while Bernie Sanders claimed ten. There are also super delegates who are appointed. Right now, more are supporting Clinton. 

Megan Messerly, a political reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, says that for tomorrow, a dozen final delegates are up for grabs.

Ceremony Highlights Women In Science And Math

May 13, 2016
Yama Rongomas

The University of Nevada, Reno's class of 2016 began receiving their diplomas today in wave after wave of graduation ceremonies running till tomorrow. 

That includes students in the Women in Science and Engineering program, or WISE, who held their own smaller ceremony earlier this week. WISE encourages women to pursue careers in science and math.

Senior Eimi Marrit is a chemical engineering major in the program, which helped keep her motivated.

Community Members Unite Amidst Rising Drug Concerns

May 13, 2016
Marcus Lavergne

The indictment of Reno doctor Robert Rand and eight others on drug related charges spurred community members to discuss rising concerns regarding opioid use. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne has more:

With Rand’s Family Medicine Practice and reputation under fire, his former patients are having to go elsewhere. Northern Nevada is facing a doctor shortage, so medical professionals, law enforcement and others talked about ways to get those people help.

Rachelle Pellissier directs Reno's Crisis Call Center. She said finding new primary care doctors is difficult.

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The monthly event series Silicon Mountain is celebrating a new livestream that lets anyone join in, and a regular viewing party at a Reno co-working space. Reno Public Radio’s Amy Westervelt went to one of those meet-ups to learn more.

"Hi there, I'm here to talk about 'Why hackathons,' ..."


The goal of search and rescue is to find a missing person quickly. Drones have the potential to help. But as Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports laws are limiting their uses for public safety.

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Nevada Republicans are gearing up for their state convention this weekend — the last step in the state's three-tier presidential nominating process.

Republicans will be selecting 27 of their 30 delegates at the Reno Events Center this weekend to send to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.

Fourteen of those delegates will be bound to Donald Trump, who easily won the state's Feb. 23 caucus. The others will be divided among Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich — who while no longer in the race, have chosen to keep their delegates.

NSHE Chancellor Dan Klaich Resigns After Email Fallout

May 12, 2016
NSHE website

Nevada higher education regents* have approved an early retirement deal for Chancellor Dan Klaich after he said his role in developing a college funding formula has become a distraction.

“The public hearing today, and particularly the kind comments by all of you, allow me to leave proud, with my head high, knowing that I have accomplished something that is appreciated, and for that I am profoundly grateful,” Klaich said before the vote.

Regents praised Klaich and approved a deal to let him leave in June but take pay, roughly $300,000, through his contract's expiration.

Marcus Lavergne

A Reno doctor and other defendants in an alleged drug ring have been formally charged. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne has more.

Daniel Bogden, U.S. Attorney for the District of Nevada announced the indictment of Reno doctor Robert Rand and eight others on felony drug conspiracy and other charges. Wednesday, he told reporters it’s a sign of progress in Nevada’s battle against a serious drug abuse problem.