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4:16 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Nevada AG Testifies That Immigration Executive Order Is Unconstitutional

Adam Laxalt testifying before the House Judiciary Committee against President Obama's executive order on immigration.
Credit Republican Attorneys General Association

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt spoke to a congressional committee Wednesday about President Obama's executive order on immigration, saying it's an unconstitutional overreach of power. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports.

While testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Laxalt insisted that the lawsuit challenging Obama's executive order " not about immigration. It's not about politics. It's about the rule of law and our constitutional system. This lawsuit transcends policy differences and seeks to prevent legislation from being usurped by executive fiat."

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Local Stories
11:20 am
Wed February 25, 2015

Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing GPS Tracking of Parolees

Photo from

This week, Nevada lawmakers passed Senate Bill 37, allowing the state to track the movements of criminals who have been granted parole or probation using GPS technology.

Tod Story is with the ACLU of Nevada. Speaking with KNPR, he says tracking parolees is unconstitutional because it presumes they are guilty unless proven innocent.

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Real ID
9:56 am
Wed February 25, 2015

New Nevada Driver's License Causing Privacy Concerns

The Real ID Driver's License (L) will include a gold star in the top right corner and will allow you access to commercial airlines and federal buildings. The Standard License (R) can limit your access to these because it says NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE. Entities such as TSA have the authority to deny people with the Standard ID access to airplanes.
Credit Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

For the last decade, driver’s licenses in Nevada and a handful of other states have not complied with federal law. The DMV is fixing the issue now, but the new IDs are causing privacy concerns.

Back in 2005, Congress passed the Real ID Act, requiring states to perform a federal background check before issuing a driver’s license.  The law was a response to the global war on terror, but it’s taken some states - like Nevada – a long time to catch up.

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Local Stories
9:58 am
Tue February 24, 2015

Citizens Group Votes No On Bus Fare Hikes

One of the RTC's electric buses at the 4th Street Station in downtown Reno.

A citizens advisory group says bus fares should not go up in Washoe County. Now they must figure out other ways to close a multi-million-dollar funding gap that will soon hit public transit each year. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports.

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Politics and Policy
4:45 pm
Mon February 23, 2015

Rural Community Colleges In Nevada Could See Major Cuts

Nevada’s rural community colleges are cash-strapped. That will only get worse under the current budget proposal. Leaders from those colleges will be in Carson City on Tuesday in hopes of improving their outlook. 

Higher education in Nevada has faced some rough years. Now, the picture is beginning to change, but for rural community colleges, namely Western Nevada College and Great Basin, major cuts are still imminent.

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10:25 am
Mon February 23, 2015

UNR Health Watch: Upstream Health Care

Credit Upstream Nevada

Students and faculty from the the University of Nevada School of Medicine are hosting an event tonight and tomorrow called "Upstream Nevada: Building a Culture of Health, Cultural Considerations in Healthcare." Raina Benford is the student chairman of the event.  She is a junior at UNR majoring in Community Health Sciences with a minor in Gerontology.  Benford is joined by Dr. Gwen Shonkwiler, Director of Evaluation and Assessment at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

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Local Stories
11:13 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Where Do Words Like Snowmageddon And Staycation Come From?

Author Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. Grammar Girl

The weather remains unseasonably warm and dry in Northern Nevada, but as harsh winter weather keeps slamming the East Coast,  we've been hearing terms like snowmageddon and snowpocalypse in the national news.

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Lifespan can be political
10:38 am
Wed February 18, 2015

UNR Health Watch: Liberals Live Longer Than Conservatives, Study Shows


A new study from Dr. Roman Pabayo at the University of Nevada, Reno, finds liberals live longer than conservatives.  He discusses his findings in this segment of the UNR Health Watch with Richelle O'Driscoll, director of public affairs for the Division of Health Sciences and School of Medicine at UNR.

Dr. Roman Pabayo, is an assistant professor of social epidemiology for the School of Community Health Sciences at the University of Nevada,Reno.  He is a former research fellow at Harvard University.

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Business + Economy
1:18 pm
Tue February 17, 2015

Solar Jobs Shed Economic Light On Nevada

Solar panels on a residential rooftop in Phoenix, Arizona.
Credit SolarCity

Nevada is leading the nation in solar industry job growth. A new report from a nonprofit called the Solar Foundation says Nevada has the most solar jobs per-capita nationwide.

Just last year, the state added 3,500 jobs in that field, and a lot of those employees work for SolarCity in Southern Nevada. They've hired a thousand new workers since last spring.

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Politics and Policy
1:49 pm
Fri February 13, 2015

Welcome To Nevada Politics: A Roundup Of The Legislative Session

The 2015 legislative session is only in its first weeks, but already some political observers in Nevada say the prognosis is not good. Republicans continue to deal with discord in their ranks. Governor Brian Sandoval's plan to increase taxes to fund education could face serious opposition from members of his own party. Meanwhile, police are investigating a possible extortion plot.

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